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Service suspended because paypal doesn’t submit payment to provider

Paypal has restricted my account 4 times in 4 months. I have been in the same location, using the same address, the same cell number, the same bank account and sending money to the same service provider. Nothing has changed … Continue reading

Got in trouble for old account

I Had an PayPal account that I shared with my friend via registering his email so he can accept payment too but he use it to do something was against PayPal rules so the limited my account forever. Then I … Continue reading

I’m so disgusted with Ebay

I’m so disgusted with Ebay. I pay an average of $1,700 a month on Ebay fees alone each and every month. And this is the fine service I get. I spent all day Monday trying to get set up with … Continue reading

Paypal can’t be used worldwide, only where you register.

I’ve been blocked now from paypal. At some point they limited my account and i had to send a copy of my pasport. They charged some money to verify if i was really the account holder and got this money … Continue reading

Frozen paypal account

My Partner has sold items on EBay, he has now sent the items to the buyers and on the same day his PayPal account has been frozen. He rang PayPal the first time and the lady he spoke to ensured … Continue reading

Chalk it up to the risks of PayPal

I sold a signed copy of Steven Tyler’s book and buyer paid with PayPal. Just 3 days after delivery the buyer claims that the signature is not authentic so Paypal immediately freezes the funds from the transaction. The buyer returns … Continue reading

The fees are just too much!

Ebay/Pay Pal Charges on one item that sold for $10.00 Like many other once loyal Ebay sellers I am forced by Ebay/Pay Pal’s decision to place Final Value Fees on shipping, to go elsewhere to sell my items: Please review … Continue reading

Dispute process is totally flawed

Seller advertised items for sale on Craigslist. Price was agreed including shipping and payment via Paypal. After payment seller insisted on additional funds threatening to hold items. Buyer refused and requested cancellation of order. Seller refused to refund and never … Continue reading

One big problem with two separate accounts

Here’s my current problem. I had a ebay account which I do owe about $450 to but they say its $600. I don’t care what it is I’m just going to pay it even though they are wrong on the … Continue reading

Why does paypal put a hold on refunds?

Hi i bid and won a laptop on ebay and payed via Paypal only to get an email from seller saying (HI PAYPAL HAVE CONFIRMED THAT PAYMENT HAS BEEN RECEIVED BUT FUNDS NOT IN MY ACCOUNT I WILL SEND LAPTOP … Continue reading