This website is a collection of horror stories, news reports and other information addressing problems with Paypal, Inc..

Screwed selling concert tickets on EBay

I had 2 expensive concert tickets for sale on EBay and Stubhub. On the Thurs. before the show (Sat.) I get a notice of 1 ticket sold. The funds cleared and were,in my Paypal account. Them”buyer” requested that I send … Continue reading

Thieving Scum

2 weeks ago I transferred £156 from my paypal account to my bank account and thinking it was safe left it there. When I checked my balance a week later I found that paypal had some how taken the money … Continue reading

Paypal double standard

Paypal has been a massive part of my business for years, We pick a bad product from a supplier who accepts paypal and still trading with paypal, only to find paypal dont like us selling it (is that not the … Continue reading

30K hold causing cash flow problems

Used Paypal for years now, and this is the second time they have decided to hold funds even though I have a track record this time of selling $30,000 or more a month over the last 6 months. I have … Continue reading

Account limited after lying buyer won dispute

After eBay found in favour of a buyer in a dispute PayPal put a hold on my account and refunded £320 to the lying cow that opened a case, however the money wasn’t in my paypal account as I had … Continue reading

Not covered by seller’s protection

I sold an item on eBay, the buyer paid via PayPal, collected the item in person and left positive feedback on my eBay account. A couple of weeks later I got an email from PayPal saying that the transaction might … Continue reading

Corrected honest mistake but still banned by paypal

I fix iphones and other small electronic devices as a 2nd job.. i seen my supplier had the new 30 pin to 8pin iphone 5 adapters and decided to sell them on ebay being pretty much my first sold products.. … Continue reading

Decided to dropship and got screwed by Paypal

I have used paypal for years sending money with no issues. I decided to make some extra money and spent some money on dropshipping websites, and ended up making a few hundred dollars in a couple days. This meant a … Continue reading

There is always a problem with using paypal

Every time I try to use PayPal with my bank or with my mother’s bank or debit card I always have some sort of BS problem with either PayPal or Ebay. Today I rounded up all the cash I had … Continue reading

Paypal says we violated some copyright policy

We own a website that sells custom made dresses. We have been using PayPal to process payment for 1 year now. Then, suddenly last week they freeze our account because of a violation. As we registered a merchant account and … Continue reading