This website is a collection of horror stories, news reports and other information addressing problems with Paypal, Inc..

Paypal over drafted my bank account because of “their system”

Just spent 2 HOURS on the phone with eBay & PayPal!!!! When you print a shipping label there is an option to pay or the label cost when the funds become available in PayPal. WELL, they decided not to wait … Continue reading

I don’t trust eBay nor Paypal from now on.

I sold an item on eBay. I sent the item with tracking number and provided that number to the buyer via ebay. I also scanned the shipping information paper I got from post office and emailed it to the buyer. … Continue reading

Paypal and eBay will punish you when you do good.

I had 100% Ebay feedback with absolutely no claims, had both my ebay and paypal account for about 6 months then started using them after about 3 months. completed about 50 sales then i listed a new top selling item … Continue reading

I could lose my business because of PayPal

I have started trading on ebay several months ago. I have collected abut 200 positive feedbacks (status PowerSeller) and about 300 transactions. PayPal started blocking my finance by putting on hold for 35 days or can realase it if the … Continue reading

Got limited because of who I rented out my house to.

I am currently going through a terrible experience with Ebay because of Paypal. I have recently attempted to start a business on ebay, all was going well until suddenly my account was limited for apparently no reason. So I contacted … Continue reading

There is nothing fast or easy about using paypal

I was new to paypal, I had a new item I wanted to sell on Ebay because it wasnt selling on Cragslist. My husband signed me up and Paypal wanted A lot of personal info. They dont need our tax … Continue reading

Double standards with ebay and paypal

Ebay, Kijiji and PayPal are own and operated by the same online corporation entity. They don’t have a physical address nor do they have a physical phone number. Unfortunately there are no competitors with this cyberspace corporation. We had little … Continue reading

Ebay took (“ESSENTIALLY”) my life, family, ANY fun and my business

Ebay took(“ESSENTIALLY”) my life, family, ANY fun, my business, + THE WORST MY SELF ESTEEM CONFIDENCE OF DIGNIFIED PRIDE ON ANY LEVEL!!” I did feel meaning once I achieved finally 100% my buisness. The Proud feelibng I carried inside myself, … Continue reading

Unauthorized withdrawl from my wife’s bank account

I have repeatedly had my bank accounts bounce because I didn’t know PayPal’s policies regarding when they take out of my bank account. They were supposed to take out of my pending balance for any deficient amount. Well, since I … Continue reading

Paypal does not refund clients whole amount

Ok so paypal has always been a pain in the ass but it can be handy, however I am now fed up and am planning to stop using them all together. I live and work in Mexico, and work in … Continue reading