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Paypal are NOT a Pal!

I have used Paypal for 15 years, without issue, selling in eBay, with an eBay account with 100% Positive Feedback, No buyer complaints, no complaints from manufacturers. In November 2014, paypal “Limited” my account, asking for transaction details on certain … Continue reading

Fraudulent Seller listing

I bought an iPhone from ebay which had a broken glass but was listed as working. I put a new glass on the phone and when I put the sim in the phone the phone wouldn’t work. It said I … Continue reading

PayPal loves to blame it on a Glitch or the system

Whenever I have paypal payments to make it becomes a ridiculous marathon; I paid 2 bills on paypal using my debit card Both were debited from my current bank account within a few hours they were credited Then the fun … Continue reading

PayPal account limited, waiting for outcome.

I have been using Paypal for about 2 years with no problems. One day the tell me my account is limited. I thought it was a mistake. After 2 weeks of waiting for them to correct this I broke down … Continue reading

Limited for false reasons

I hold a website and a business paypal account, and the motherfuckers at paypal limited my account permanently for, hear this , for being paid for sexually or obscene services, lol, i am guy btw and straight guy, anyway they … Continue reading

Got limited and lost a lot of money

I was selling a large amount of film equipment some time ago and Paypal froze my account in the middle of a transaction, which I lost. Then demanded that I prove the items I was selling were not stolen. It … Continue reading

eBay decided in my favor but PayPal took my money.

Hi, I had a fraudulent item not as described case against me, I had several emails to show I was in the right but ebay apparently didn’t even look into the case and sided the buyer, however he never returned … Continue reading

E-Bay buyer proection non-existent

Bought an iMac from eBay seller. Took him a week to ship item and shipped it FedEx ground to boot despite promising otherwise. Contacted seller to cancel order. He insisted on having it delivered and asked me to ship to … Continue reading

Banned from PayPal

My account was banned with paypal around two years ago, typically I wouldn’t really care; but when I get to sites where I can only checkout with Paypal this gets a bit frustrating. PayPal is embedded in so many different … Continue reading

Banned without a review of my case

I bought an Ebay course in Uk about starting an ebay business. As an example they recommended selling GHD hair straighteners. I checked – they appeared good as many,many were being sold ( all about the same cost so no … Continue reading