This website is a collection of horror stories, news reports and other information addressing problems with Paypal, Inc..

PayPal’s promises are never kept

I sold a Macbook to a buyer on eBay and then I received some spoof emails about payments made. I was fairly new to PayPal but I knew the process of selling, waiting till the funds were verified, shipping and … Continue reading

Payment problem that could be a class action lawsuit

Please let me know if anyone else is having this problem. There could be a very large class action suit if this is happening across the country. I am interested to know who else is having a similar problem. Thanks. … Continue reading

Paypal isn’t my pal anymore.

Just left the Home Depot, where for approximately 1/2 hour was expended trying on and finding the proper work gloves for the construction project my better half and I are completing. Using the self-checkout, I selected PayPal for the payment … Continue reading

Chargeback horrors with Paypal

I listed a Gold Austrian Philharmonic coin for sale on eBay. Someone sent me $1,500 on PayPal and asked to purchase the coin for that amount. This was contrary to eBay’s procedure and I told the buyer that in an … Continue reading

Cannot track items bought

I have bought two items from EBay using this Paypal service. One didn’t come, and because I was a “guest” user, I couldn’t contact the seller, and the resolution centre is rubbish! Nothing comes up on the transaction history! Same … Continue reading

I tried to sell my old iPhone 5 on eBay

Following the new Apple products announcement I fell in love with iPhone 6 so I tried to sell my old iPhone 5 on eBay, and it was going to be my first ever sale. I listed the phone and in … Continue reading

My account was limited due to a “High Risk”

I had 1 EBAY and 1 Pay pal account. My account was limited due to a “High Risk” I asked why my account was limited and they said “computer items are High Risk” I submitted all the documents they asked … Continue reading

We followed PayPal’s guide lines and were still limited

We are an American-owned company in Asia with operations in Cambodia, where we have numerous staff-initiated social service programs, including sponsoring a school and rescuing destitute families when something goes wrong and they can no longer afford to eat. We … Continue reading

Double charged for refund

I have money due me as a seller which PayPal has not paid me yet. I also was charged twice for a refund i agreed to pay to an unhappy buyer. This refund was charged twice, once to my paypal … Continue reading

Frozen account

I made two Paypal payments in one day. I accidentally took one of the payments out of my alternative checking account. I realized it, and went back in and paid the $1000. I assumed it was an “instant transfer” as … Continue reading