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Got Paypal account to send money but it doesn’t work

So I opened a PayPal account last week with the aim of sending money to family in Canada. I’ve linked and verified both my credit card and bank account on PayPal. So here I am thinking that everything works, I … Continue reading

Paypal isn’t releasing my money to me after sale

I sold a saddle on Craig’s List and the woman wanted to pay me via paypal which I have never had and never wanted, however because she lived across the country, I did open an account for this purpose only … Continue reading

Funds source issue with PayPal

I have had many dealings with Paypal without problems. I made a purchase on Ebay yesterday and set up the payment thru Paypal using a credit card. Today I get a notification that the payment was taken out of my … Continue reading

Buyer gets NO PROTECTION if you shop with BIG sellers.

I’m no common user Im a medium ebay seller for over 8 years with sales of $500,000 last year. A few months ago i signed up for another scam site called Ashley madison so they sent me fakes messages just … Continue reading

Paypal is holding payment

Paypal with holding MY MONEY, transferred money from my paypal to bank account and they are withholding MY MONEY for review, called paypal and was told it was security reasons they withhold money due to money laundering….. Ffs I only … Continue reading

Paypal changed the way you fund transactions

This is about Pay Pal’s online payment process. I March of this year PP made a change in their payment process. They changed the way you fund your transaction, giving you some options, which you didn’t have before, that sounds … Continue reading

Bilked out of $29.97 by Pay Pal’s Bill Me Later

On 4/5/14 PayPal’s Bill Me Later said that I made an online purchase renewing software for RegCurePro. That “purchase’ it turns out was an automatic renewal which I did not authorize. I had already manually renewed the software a day … Continue reading

PayPal verification is a bit excessive

Hi, decided to buy a product on ebay. Did the payment through PayPal (which is mandatory for some reason??!!) only to get it rejected. When I called they said I needed to send them a certificate of residency, copy of … Continue reading

Paypal Account limitations

Recently and without warning our paypal account got “limited”, because it went over $1,000. This meant we cannot access our money, transfer, make reimbursements, nothing. While our customers still place orders and money keeps running in, paypal effectively keeps our … Continue reading

PayPal is allowing buyer to keep our phone and their money.

We sold a iphone4 to a buyer…the buyer told us we sent the wrong item.. They wanted us to send the right item.. We explained to buyer that it was our only phone.. They sent a message asking us what … Continue reading