This website is a collection of horror stories, news reports and other information addressing problems with Paypal, Inc..

PayPal is siding with fraudulent seller

I bought an item off eBay using PayPal well the add read men’s 14k gold 2.5 caret diamond stud earring well it was a complete fake. I have been dealing with PayPal since March 31 2014 sending them faxes pictures … Continue reading

CUSTOM ORDERS are not covered by Buyer Protection

A customer ordered a custom made fountain pen which is out of production, but was being offered by the manufacturer. He sent me $6200.00, of which I paid manufacturer $5200.00 which was non-refundable. The customer knew this. He filed a … Continue reading

Do I need to pay balance?

My boyfriend who has his own pool company had a customer that wanted to pay him through PayPal. I had opened an account under my name so he could receive the funds since his PayPal had a negative balance and … Continue reading

Paypal agents make up terms of service as they go along

I made ebay purchase. clicked on ‘Pay Now” to complete the transaction. At PayPal “login” I entered my unique password, hit “enter”/ Screen was “hung” just the perpetual ‘working’ animation, never proceeded to account. I hit the ‘back’ browser button, … Continue reading

Paypal told me to take my business elsewhere

I let my ex boyfriend use my paypal account a few years back. I was always a great customer of Ebay with 100% ratings for buying and selling and had been with them for several years. Little did I know … Continue reading

What Ebay/PayPal should tell you before you sell

Paypal limited my account just because I had 1 issue with a buyer which I was glad to refund their money. PayPal were requesting invoices for what I was selling. When it was shoes from my personal collection that I … Continue reading

Paypal Account Limitation, what do I do now?

Hi. I just sold my camera lens for $650 recently in ebay. Paypal put a limitation in my account due to a past case 7 years ago which the buyer did a charge back for $1,500+. The reason of the … Continue reading

Buyer refunded without returning item

I have a 100% feedback on ebay and sold a golf cart to a customer. The customer decided he didn’t want the item so filled a claim with ebay. I offered the customer a full refund if he sent back … Continue reading

I was treated like a common criminal by PayPal

Account was limited after depositing ~10-12k of MY money into paypal over a period of 3 months. Luckily only ~2k was into PayPal at that time and after a few phone calls I was able to withdraw the money. But … Continue reading

After to month and many calls to PayPal my money is still frozen…

I’m on Paypal for many years. Because I’m a watch collector I decided to sell the watch on eBay. Things went good and I sell it for 8000 bucks. Buyer paid me via paypal (i lifted the limits before). I … Continue reading