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Utterly unfair and perfect for scammers

Sold an item on ebay to someone with no feedback. When I sent them the invoice they refused to pay for tracked shipping, back and forth we went (all via ebay messages, so all recorded) with me insisting on tracked and them refusing.

In the end the buyer said that proof of posting would be good enough for them and they would assume risk.

With that I accept and sent the item following PayPal payment, within a day (the postage service used was 3 to 5 days) I get an “Item not received” complaint, PayPal immediately freeze the funds, I called them and explained:

*Item would not arrive for another 2 to 4 days anyway due to postage service used *I had 100% positive feedback (proven track record) *Buyer had no feedback (no track record) *I could prove I sent an item and the buyer wasn’t complaining about wrong item and *Buyer wouldn’t pay for tracked and accepted risk

They said:
*We’re fully refunding the buyer.
And did just that.

No come back, no fairness, no even treatment, no consideration of the circumstances. Nothing, just “we’re taking your money and giving it to the person who just scammed you”. Nice.

Won’t be using them again.

Posted: October 24, 2014 at 7:11 pm

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