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Having to verify after years of being a customer

Being a loyal PayPal customer for years, never leaving them with a balance owed or having any problems, I was more than surprised to find they had frozen my account. Of coarse I found this out when I went to place an order for a large item online for a big re-model I’m currently trying to purchase products for. I was informed I needed to SIMPLY “verify” my account but to my surprise, the rules had changed. A credit card was no longer acceptable. I would now need to link my banking information and be on my way. I’d have to be an absolute idiot in this day and age to do that!! I contacted paypal and went 3 levels up in their management to complain and was told “how sorry they were but…”. I obviously won’t ever be using them again and I can’t believe this is even legal!

Posted: October 31, 2012 at 2:48 pm

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One thought on “Having to verify after years of being a customer
  1. guss on

    Paypals rules change faster then you can blink your eyes. And just because you give them your bank info doesn’t mean that tat you are done. THey may also ask for your SSN, DL and all sorts of other stuff that no one wants to provide to paypal. Their system must be one of the most hacked systems that exists. Contacting paypal is just a waste of time. There is no fixing stupid and I have a feeling that paypal is going down. They are in the midst of laying off hundreds of people. Wonder why