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I am a victim of Paypal

I am a victim of Paypal.

I have or used to have a Paypal account until there was case open due to my friend wanted to pay me back what he owes through Paypal, but his mother had called the credit card company to file a complaint that’s how my Paypal account was put to limit.
So to make the story short, I had sent all the information that I was told to do to prove that is legit.
First, Paypal did fight on my behalf and believe that I was innocent and my friend did submit a form to Paypal it was a mistake that his mother had call the company to file the complaint.
Second, once he told his mother that he was using their joint credit card to pay me back, his mother then called the credit card company to stop the complaint that’s when I called Paypal to make sure everything was resolved.
Then, Paypal had told me it is the process, I will have wait for a couple weeks. Finally I received a email message that Paypal had decided that it is a fraudulent activity and they have to close my account and I won’t be able to appealed.
Then few weeks later I received another email stating that my case was close cause the credit card company everything was resolved and it is their mistake that they had made.
Now here where’s the problem is if it’s misunderstanding or a mistake had been made should my account be close permanently?.
I seriously think it is unfair and believe that everyone deserve a second chance. And have I been given a second chance not just that my business was affected by it and also I lost a lot of businesses and my store couldn’t function without a payment gateway since it is only through Paypal question is who will cover the losses, Paypal?
I don’t think so. After all my whole point is I do want my Paypal to be reopen it will really help my business and to be honest I am the victim here. I had done nothing wrong just because I received my money that was owed by my friend and my account is close which I think it isn’t fair , I’ve been using Paypal for years and been doing great with it. I never violate any terms and overall I should be consider a great customer.

I also filed a complaint on BBB before and guess what all they can say is ” sorry we can’t provide any service to you anymore”

Posted: February 17, 2014 at 8:23 pm

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