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Victimized Twice

By Raj Trivedi

I am pleased to find your site.  I am one of those individuals who has been victimized twice… once by Mr. Trivedi and than by Paypal.

I posted the following letter back in 2001 on shortly after I had been scammed. Please feel free to post this.


Anil Lartius

Dear Mr. O’Dea,

Pat asked me to email you regarding my case. A short note of gratitude for your time and efforts. I will be sure to earmark a percentage of my recovery (if there is a recovery), to be given to a local police fund as you have suggested.

I am so angry with this man. I feel as though more than money has been taken from me as I am sure other victims feel. I am also upset with myself for allowing to get the best of me. This guy had no conscience and in my case used 9-11 to his advantage to keep me at bay for a few more weeks.

However, I do not think is the only player in this fraud game. I blame Paypal which brings me to the reason why I am writing you. It is the consensus of many of the victims of that Paypal knew months in advance of Mr. Trivedi’s game. There is evidence to indicate that Paypal received many complaints about the company and Mr. Trivedi but, failed to act. I feel that the company enabled him to commit fraud in the interest of making money on his transactions.

Paypal should have terminated his account months in advance and in not doing so allowed Mr. Trivedi to swindle many more victims out of their hard-earned money.

I took this issue up with Paypal about the same time I filed all of my official complaints against Mr. Trivedi’s company. Paypal indicated to me that I did not report the problem within their 30 day limitation. Therefore they could do nothing. I was extremely frustrated with this answer. I explained that Mr. Trivedi’s scam was based on delaying the purchaser to avoid said purchaser from filing a complaint. Such a technique allowed him time to continue with his fraudulent behaviors. They had no sympathy or understanding for my position. Paypal sold their service to me on the concept that I would be protected against people like Mr. Trivedi. However, when it came time to ante up, Paypal failed me and hundreds of other clients.

I took this issue to my credit card company shortly after my conversation with Paypal. The credit card company asked that I forward all information concerning Paypal and to them. I did so. To make a long story short, my credit card company found Paypal to be at fault and reversed the transaction that was used to pay Paypal so that Paypal could pay

Paypal immediately retaliated by restricting my account and freezing all assets in the account. I filed an appeal with Paypal. Paypal rejected the appeal. I called Paypal after receiving the appeal and re-explained the situation (10th time at the least), to include my reasoning as to why I felt they were at fault. The Paypal representative stated that they would not lift the restriction until such time they received their $1280.00, the amount of the chargeback by my credit card company. This is also the amount that I paid to for a printer I never received.

I contacted my credit card company to see if they might be able to apply pressure to Paypal. The representative indicated to me that they dealt with Paypal’s bank and not Paypal directly. The representative went on to say that they could not pressure Paypal into removing the restrictions on my account. I asked the representative if there is anything they could do. She stated that an investigation would only take place if Paypal received numerous chargebacks in a given period of time. Numerous chargebacks on a vendor send up red flags to a credit card company.

In closing, Paypal does have many contract limitations holding them in a “no harm/no liability” position should one Paypal client commit a fraudulent act against another Paypal client. However, I feel that these stipulations hold no water when Paypal demonstrated gross irresponsibility and negligence in investigating and suspending Trivedi’s account. An account that had multiple complaints lodged against it.

All of this said, I am wondering if anyone is pursuing a suit against Paypal? If so, how do I become involved in such a suit? I would also be interested in any advice you might have for me.

Thank you for your time.

Posted: May 9, 2012 at 12:08 pm

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