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Village looking for an idiot

By Albert

BEWARE OF PAYPAL – If you are a merchant thinking you are safe paying or receiving payments with paypal, think again!!!

I received funds from a buyer that paid with a phony card (per paypal). They immediately used this opportunity to freeze my account. I lost $1745 because paypal supposedly returned the funds to the buyer and continued to accept chargbacks on the card and charge me fees to add insult to injury!

Of course, when I sent an email questioning this, they gave me their usual auto-responder answer which has nothing to do with the question. As if my luck could not get any worse, a payment that I had made in Oct to another merchant was never received by the merchant. Paypal also decided to Freeze their account as well. I unfortunately paid for the item with a debit card, so my bank says Im not protected because it was considered a transfer to a paypal account.

Now, I have lost another $260 to paypal as well and paypal has not returned those funds to me either. These people are professional liars so dont even waste your time trying to talk to them. Dont ever pay for anything on ebay with a debit card or you may lose. Dont use paypal EVER unless you are a complete fool and have money to burn.

Everything that former employees have posted warning about paypal is absolutely correct. I found out the hard way. Tell everyone you know about their policies. If after reading this and other horror stories of dealing with paypal, you continue to use them then I guess there really is a village looking for an idiot!

Posted: May 7, 2012 at 6:06 am

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