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Waiting for a Check from PayPal

Recently my PayPal account was suspended for no reason. I can do anything I want with my PayPal except I cannot put money into the account, so I can’t buy anything on eBay using PayPal. I find this out after I had committed to buying a $3000.00 camera for a Christmas present. They claim I need to provide 3 separate forms of ID. Photo ID, A bill showing my current address, and a copy of my Social Security Card. Luckily the seller was a decent human being who understood how screwed up PayPal is and let me out of the eBay commitment. I am still waiting for a check to arrive for the money I already had in my account. That has been a couple of weeks so far how long should I expect to have to wait for my check?

Posted: January 31, 2013 at 5:35 pm

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One thought on “Waiting for a Check from PayPal
  1. lloyd on

    when paypal limited my account for 180 days I couldn’t remove any of my info from my paypal account so i ended up closing my bank account and canceling my credit card that I had linked to paypal. When the 180 days were finally up 3 weeks ago I contacted paypal requesting that hey mail me my check, which of course there was a fee for which they tool right away. That was 3 weeks ago and still no check! I have been callling them asking where my ckeck is and they keep telling me it’s in the mail so I asked for a tracking number (like they always do) but got hung up on instead. Still waiting for my check.