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I would rather waste a day in court than speak to another Paypal moron

April 8, 2014 a client and friend sent me his liability insurance premium deposit through Paypal after requesting an invoice through Paypal. Four months after the transaction, the client and friend looks at old Amex statement and forgets the transaction and calls Amex to dispute it. I never received notice until about a week later when I noted a large negative balance on my paypal account while renewing a membership and saw my friend’s disputed transaction. I called the client and spoke to him and he said he was calling Amex to reinstate the charge.
I know that many may think my friend-client is lying but he and I are friends and he had sent me a large Phil’s bbq gift card last year for $150 as a separate thank you for helping him on some insurance problems on a construction project.
I uploaded the signed forms by the client and a signed credit card payment authorization form he had signed requesting a paypal charge.
Here is the funny part and the evidence of total ineptness by Paypal. The client called Amex to re-instate the charge and paypal was sent copies of the policy and signed insurance forms. Paypal has closed the case against and brought the $690 charge over on a membership and tried to piggy-back that charge on a $29.00 membership.
This caused my small online account I use to over-draft. That was solved by removing Paypal from any further ACH transactions with my bank. Paypal claims insurance polices are an intangible product not covered under their seller warranty. I see from the other stories online, Paypal generally does not cover the seller at all regardless of the product being sold. I am considering suing paypal at this point as the client has agreed to pay me or reinstate the original charge but Paypal is too inept to handle this.
I would caution anyone using Paypal and AMEX especially as this is the second time it has occurred and the client must jump through hurdles, including notarized statements that the original charge, now recalled by the client, was correctly charged.

Basically Paypal is worthless, and only grows worse with American Express in the middle. I am thinking Paypal is now likely violated their own seller protection, as well as failed ion their end to provide service for their fee in the transaction. I think that a signed statement y my client should suffice in my evidence of this and allow me to sue them for their fee in the transaction, the over-draft fee, and reverse the $690 chargeback on my account. I am willing to further waste my time art this point through the court versus the idiots at Paypal and Amex.

At this point it is the principal of the matter and the second time paypal has screwed an Amex account up on an insurance deposit. I would rather waste a day in court than speak to another Paypal moron or American Express idiot.

Posted: August 21, 2014 at 7:40 pm

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