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Watch out for chargeback scams with Paypal

I am victim of a chargeback and I believe a chargeback scam.

I stupidly didnt note the full extent of PayPal’s Seller Protection (or lack of) Policy before selling a Tiffany & Co Merchandise Credit valued at $5645.00 for $4500.00 to a buyer interstate.

I received the funds into my PayPal account. Transferred the funds to my bank account so I could give to my friend who actually owned the Merchandise Credit. She was in financial trouble at the time and didnt know her way around selling things online. So I helped her out.

When I got the funds in my bank account and transferred to her, I advised my friend to arrange postage. She did and the post was received by the buyer. He then filed a dispute stating the credit was not inside the post pack.

PayPal sided with me against the buyer stating “goods are intangible”.

A few days later, I received notification of a chargeback for $4500.00.

I provided all information to PayPal to show the credit WAS posted. Have filed a police report etc. PayPal then started emailing me asking for me to restore funds to my account to cover the amount I owed. They have literally been harassing me, even while the chargeback was supposedly being investigated.

When the chargeback decision was made final (I lost – surprise, surprise!!), I wasnt even notified officially. Just telephoned and emailed incessantly asking for their money.

I am refusing to pay it. I’m sure they will start some kind of debt collection action and I’ve told them if they want the funds, to sue me. I believe I have been scammed by a buyer who now has a very expensive credit as well as his money back.

I do not believe PayPal investigated or assisted to dispute the chargeback. Every time I speak to someone I get a different story or request. PayPal have made it too simple for chargebacks to occur. I have had an exemplary record with PayPal and eBay and they have not taken any of this into account when investigating my claims.

There is no way in hell I would ever use this ridiculously criminal attracting service again and wherever, I will do my utmost to discredit this shonky organisation.

Posted: May 29, 2013 at 7:51 pm

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