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Watch out for scams using paypal

I was scammed by a work at home Job from a company called “TESCO” the company used my empty Paypal acct to place a checking count on the account. then dep 2000.00 on the acct for me to use to purchase some server software.For a data entry job . Come to find out after i used my PayPal MasterCard to send the money software seller of the software via Western Union as instructed by the employer the checking account after the account was confirmed and money was already sent and did a charge-back on my account saying that the checking account that the company used was a stolen checking account.even though they come from the money was there for transfer and for use and even authorized it via phone call I can be and I’m been held responsible for the money that was sent to the seller of the software. Scan scam scam I told it was not my fault PayPal should never authorize that checking account to be used without authorization from the owner of the checking account. When I asked for the copy of the recording of the conversation I had with the PayPal agent they said I would need to subpoena the recording and they want to hold me responsible but I have no checking account and it financial information on my PayPal account that comes from me and that I am not going to pay.

Posted: February 27, 2013 at 7:48 pm

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