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How many ways can one get screwed by PayPal?

Over a DOZEN screwings from PayPal siding with customers buying NEW products on eBay, damaging them, & then claiming they were “defective out of the box”… (TOTAL BULL!)

Also overseas buyers requesting or CHOOSING cheapest shipping methods, & then claiming “Never Received”.

Found out PayPal REQUIRES a TRACKING # (via USPS Express Mail, UPS or FedEx) & holds seller responsible for delivery from moment of sale till item is in the buyer’s hands.

In each case, buyer’s FALSE CLAIM was immediately refunded… often wiping out my PayPal balance of funds… ($50-200+ each time!)

They NEVER ONCE answered with anything but off-point, USELESS FORM EMAILS!! ALL CALLS REFUSED!!

“PAYPAL SUCKS” is putting it VERY MILDLY!!!

Posted: October 9, 2012 at 6:12 pm

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One thought on “How many ways can one get screwed by PayPal?
  1. Sarah on

    As a seller there are endless ways to get screwed by paypal. Paypal is basically set up to take advantage of sellers. There is nothing favorable in the paypal agreement for sellers. I have lost so much money and so much product to buyers that took advantage of all the loop holes. I even stopped selling/shipping to international buyers which slowed down the fraud a little but it no way near stopped it.