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Where Is The Law

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous

Well it start when I open a PayPal account, I tried to sell everything that I don’t need at home. So I decide to sell all on eBay, I was happy my business was working well I sold $1300 items on eBay. Suddenly the second week I receive an e-mail limited account asking me for all my personal information as social security number, fax documentation.etc. I talk to them in the phone and I send everything that they ask. Then they remove limited for 1 hour after that hour they limited my account again saying a seller is not happy with his item “I refund his money and ask for return the item”. (Is like PayPal is trying to just keep my account limited to make interested with my money) They ask who is my supplier “I said I do not have any supplier I sold item that I have at home”. They said to me you should have a supplier!! I was very nervous because I can’t touch my money. I told them I m selling used item they are not new. They still having a problem (the problem is they want to keep my money from anyway they can’t). BANG!!

Next day, I receive an e-mail saying 180 days limited account and we do not want to do business with you again. I WAS VERY MAD $1300 keeping from me for 180 day how much interested they can get from those entire member if they stop there account. That’s a lot of interested to use our money. PAYPAL IS A SCAM! KEEP YOUR MONEY TO MAKE MORE MONEY WITH OUT YOUR PERMISSION..!!

That’s my story! I WILL NEVER EVER IN MY LYFE SIGN UP WITH PAYPAL. I will tell all my friends, family, and neighbors, anybody that I know to never use PAYPAL.


Posted: May 9, 2012 at 5:03 am

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