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Why My Account Froze

By Steve

Paypal chose to limit access to my account which had exactly $613 of other peoples money.  My solution was to e-mail  $613 worth of un-mailed orders and inform those buyers of the situation and provide them with the proper links to complain to paypal including contacting the authorities in their respective states. I then contacted paypal and informed them that I had e-mailed each buyer to let them know paypal stole their money and to request a refund. I rcvd a call from a paypalreprsentative who seemed very accomodating. and offered to assist me in obtaining refunds for the buyers. As of yet no refunds, but the ball is now in their court.  I also offered other methods for my buyers to pay including a discount for their trouble. I still do not know why my account is frozen.

Posted: May 9, 2012 at 5:16 am

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