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How do I win over a fradulent buyer?

Hi guys,
Just thought I’d share my story and see if anyone can suggest any course of action. This story is from Australia so I know the avenues for support are a lot more scarce.
I listed my item on ebay australia, a Kite Surfing package, including kite, board, and harness. I listed this item as pickup only no postage options were provided. The buyer, bought the item then informed me a courier would pick up the item and deliver it to him in melbourne.

The package is picked up and a few days later i was informed by the buyer that the board wasnt in the package. I went back and forwards with his courier company for weeks, it was hard to get information out of them as I didnt initiate the transaction, he did. It turns out he received the board 3 days later, it had become dislodged from the package, they found it in lost property and redelivered it, I have 2 signatures to prove it.
He then lodges a complaint with paypal saying the item was incomplete, they tell him to send the package back to me, and all he sent me was the kite.

I have two problems with this, that I have been through with paypal from the start, one being the item was listed as pickup only, therefore shouldnt have been covered by buyer protection under of their buyer protection policy which states:

S10.1 You may be eligible for the PayPal Buyer Protection Policy if all the following requirements are met:
Your purchase is not for:
Items you collect in person or arrange to be collected on your behalf

I also have a problem with the buyer sending me back a kite only and claiming his $650 back from me. He is now $650 in front, with a board and harness whilst I am down $650 with only a kite to show for it.

I have lodged 3 appeals with paypal, and everything I have said here has been proven and accounted for, but all 3 appeals were denied and they will no longer speak to me. The buyer has never co operated and has blocked my phone number

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated

Posted: February 28, 2013 at 7:18 pm

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