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I won appeal but can’t collect my money

I sold a TiVo Premier on eBay with Lifetime Service once the user received it he filled a complaint saying I said it was a XL model but no where in listing does it say XL and also claimed that didn’t have Lifetime Service but I even provided him and paypal a copy of screenshot of tivo account showing lifetime service… Anyway he broke the tivo and sent it back cause Paypal gave him a refund… So they immediately stole the money out of my account… When I got the TiVo back and was broken I immediately appealed their bogus decision and won but what it says is laughable

After careful review of the new information you provided, your appeal has been granted.

What happens next

Please contact the buyer to have the refund issued from your account returned to you.

So they immediately took the funds out of my account but didn’t take it out of his account to give me my money back… But I’ve tried contacting him numerous times with no response….

Posted: February 13, 2014 at 4:58 pm

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