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Won dispute and then lost the same dispute

After winning a dispute I lodged against a seller (I bought a watch that turned out to be faulty) I was asked to return the item to the seller and provide tracking number to paypal. I sent the watch nack by registered post and provided paypal with the tracking number. After 2 weeks, paypal closed my claim, saying the tracking reference I provided them with was invalid and they cannot see that the item was delivered. USPS haven’t updated status of the parcel for more than 2 weeks and this prompted paypal to close my claim and not proceed with the refund. I appealed their decision only them to close my appeal the next day based on the same thing: “We cannot track your delivery, the tracking number is invalid bla bla”. I have made a numerous phonecalls and sent loads of emails but seem to be getting nowhere. They now gave me 10 days for me to get on to USPS and try and BEG them to update the status of the delivery as paypal are refusing to do anything about it until it says “Attempted delivery”. I am so sick of dealing with this lot and all the hassle i have been experiencing. Why do they say Oh you won a dispute, we grant you a refund, only for them to close the case without a refund?

Posted: February 21, 2013 at 6:02 pm

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