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Won’t Cover For Fraud

By Manny

My story started out back in ’99 when i first open my paypal account, i opened the account just buying little things on ebay, the account had probably been open for about a year and a half, when i purchased an APexi SAFC for $360.00 from someone on ebay, me not knowing that they will not cover you for fraud, paid the money, and no item was sent, communication to the seller ended, and i contacted paypal about it to get the money back, they told me that they were gonna have to put the account under restriction where i can recieve money, but i cannot send any.(although i never kept money in the account mostly because i never trusted them)

Then, they emailed me back about 3 weeks later, and told me that they attempted to recover the money, but it was already moved out of the account and that they could not do anything else for me, when i finally found a phone number, i called them and had a heated arguement about the whole thing, then the next day i get an email asking me to verify my account status<after being verified for more than a year> so i faxed numerous things over<while the account status remained restricted>  then about another 2 weeks later, they sent me an email and told me that my account was locked and to contact the appeals department,

So i did this and it did nothing for me, i lost the 400, and just gave up, i didnt know who to turn to, and i left the entire situation as it was.  I DEFINITELY dont want my paypal account back, but i would like my money back, if anyone knows anything or has any inside tips feel free to let me know.


Posted: May 8, 2012 at 1:34 pm

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