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Won’t Stop Chargeback

By Edith

Today Paypal “restricted” my account because I refuse to “cancel” a chargeback made through my credit card company concerning a mis-represented and totally unacceptable item.  I went through the paypal channels before initiating the chargeback and waited while they “investigated” my claim…how they did that without asking for ANY pertinet information, I don’t know, but they declined to take any action, as aparently using paypal to collect money for a mis-represented item is not against their rules….My credit card company, on the other hand, after receiving documentation and appraisals, immediately credited my account back and paypal also did the same AND sent me an email that they found the chargeback valid and closed the claim…

Now they have “restricted my account, will not let me use it, and refuse to close it, thereby keeping access to my credit card account and my bank account, unless I “cancel” the chargeback….?????……I have received no explaination, and no response to my demands for them to close my account and delete my financial information. I have informed them by email that they no longer have legal authorization to access either account, but this whole situation is disgusting, and if it isn’t illegal, it sure ought to be…

Posted: May 9, 2012 at 5:49 am

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