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Working with Paypal is a losing Battle

I run multiple companies and recently two of those companies have had problems with Paypal. In one form or another I have been a PayPal account holder since the early 2000′s.

Earlier this year I purchased what was supposed to be a new computer from Dell using my business PayPal account. Instead the computer that arrived was pre-owned and damaged. It was clearly not shipping damage because the box was intact with the original Dell seal. After a long fight with Dell they agreed to take it back and give me a full refund however after they received it back they only provided a partial refund and cut off all further communications. I opened a case with PayPal and tried working with them to get my money back but they closed the case without explanation and wouldn’t let me re-open it. Short of hiring a lawyer to fight an unwinnable battle I have no recourse against them.

For the last couple months another company of mine has been accepting payments from customers through PayPal for services already provided to those customers. I went to withdraw the money from PayPal to my verified bank account to cover operating costs when PayPal informed me that my account was limited. A PayPal rep. phoned me and told me what needed to be done so I complied. They contacted me again with a new set of stipulations. I complied with those and they imposed yet another set of arbitrary rules. At this point I feel like the only way I can try to get my money is to refund those customers and hope they will send payment another way.

Posted: July 26, 2013 at 6:46 pm

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