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I am worried, it will affect my credit?

I’ve been contacted by transcom, a debt collector employed by eBay to get me to pay £101 fee they say I owe from a dispute with a buyer.

I am currently disputing the fees as eBay enforced a refund illegitimately as the buyer claimed he item was faulty. Basically;

I sold an iPhone 3GS and described it was in full working other but a little bit of cosmetic damage but as expected for a 2 year old phone. Buyer pays me and I ship the phone. Buyer contacts me a week later and abides that the battery keeps cutting out. I advised that it was fully functional as I had been using it until I sold it, so would they take it to an apple store to fix. After another week he comes back and says they couldn’t fix it and was returning it. I advised that if it was faulty I’d give him a refund, but if it wasn’t I’d return it to him (I had already had one person fail to pay me, so didn’t want to have to sell it a third time unless it was faulty).

I received the phone back and it was in fact fine. I took it to apple and they have it a ‘clean bill of health’. So I posted the phone back with the proof. The buyer escalated a claim under ‘item not as described’ and eBay sided with them (before even speaking to me or seeing the evidence from apple) and refunded his money. They now want me to pay the £101 refund.

I understand that eBay contracts are pretty much not worst the pixels they’re written in, but as they’ve passed my details to a debt collection agency since I refused to pay, I am worries it will affect my credit? I don’t care about my eBay account, out of principle I do not want to pay, but I am worried that I’ll either get a debt collector at my door asking for a load of cash, or them to slap anything on my credit file.

Should I pay just to avoid any trouble, or am I in my rights to say get lost?

Posted: February 1, 2013 at 5:50 pm

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