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Wouldn’t Happen To Me

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous

Hi there,

I am so stupid, I read this page before i started using paypal and I was thinking it would never happen to me well I was thinking, it will happen to be but not that fast. BUT ITS BEEN ONLY TWO MONTHS USING PAYPAL and WOLA THEY LIMITED MY ACCOUNT … well for NO REASON AT ALL. and than I fax them the stuff. and as you can tell …. NOTHING HAPPENING

I would like to sue them………… VERY VERY VERY VERY SOOO WANT TO SUE THEM.

Well, now I think I gotta fax them my birth cert… cause well… they don’t believe I am my father’s daughter and plus.. let me see.. even though I provided that they want INVOICES! WHY DO THEY WANT INVOICES?? GOSH

I know they think I will give up but I will sue them for sure! ANYONE WANNA JOIN!

Posted: May 9, 2012 at 8:26 am

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