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Anything wrong with PayPal and they blame it on the “system”

Hi,I have had a few problems with paypal but the latest really is the last straw.
I sold an item on eBay on the 29.10.2013, the buyer paid on the 29.10.2013 and the money went into my paypal account. I posted the item ‘Special next day delivery, Tracked,’ the very next day 30.10.2013 and it was delivered, signed for on the 31.10.2013.
I happened to check my paypal account on the 01.11.2013 to find that paypal had removed the funds from my account and put them on ‘temporary hold.’ They said that they ‘suspected’ the buyer’s account had been used by an unauthorised person.
So now I am sitting with no item and no money and it was not a cheap £10 item but a £450 item. I phoned paypal to try and find out what is happening and was told that they are investigating the case and I should get the money returned to me within 10 days. When I asked the agent why they took the money out and why it would take 10 days to return she said she could not tell me why due to the data protection act and it took 10 days because that is just how their system works. She told me not to worry because I was covered by seller protection. When I asked her, ‘if I am covered by seller protection, why have they taken the money out of my account in the first place, they do not need to take my money away then give it back 10 days later?’
Her feeble answer was ‘that’s how the system works.’
I was unhappy with the lack of information and the way I was being fobbed off so I asked to speak to a supervisor or manager and unbelievably I was told “there are no managers here at the moment!” She would also not give me the name of any managers and would not tell me when they would be there.
Now I cannot believe in any way or form that any large (or small) organisation would not have a manager on site, I was being lied to!
I now truly believe that paypal are running a scam whereby they are transfering ebay sellers funds to another account for 10 days in order that they can use that money for other, possibly illegal, activities.

Thanks for a great worthy website. we need more like this to challenge the corporations that are greedy and unethical and treat people like dumb cretins

Posted: November 5, 2013 at 6:53 pm

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One thought on “Anything wrong with PayPal and they blame it on the “system”
  1. Gary VanWinkle on

    I sold some items on eBay and PayPal has had my account limited and my founds for around 2 months now. I have spent so much time trying to figure out why and its always different reasons as to why! I call and there is never a supervisor to speak with and never a good reason as to why they are holding my money,now they say they can hold my money up to 180 days, this is crazy!!! PayPal SUCKS!!!