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What is wrong with Paypal?

So it was just a normal day. I’m opening an e-mail and seeing a letter that it is something wrong with my account. I am opening PayPal and it’s limited. They need more information about a payment sent on the 7th day. And on the 7th day were there no payments at all, I didn’t even log in that day. So I’ve written them an e-mail and got auto response, so I must to sent them documents. Same day I sent all the documents. On the next day I see this note: This limitation can not be appealed… What’s wrong with PayPal…

Posted: January 26, 2015 at 7:51 pm

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3 thoughts on “What is wrong with Paypal?
  1. Joseph on

    Whats is wrong with my paypal account am opening my account but itreying to log in but nothing

  2. les russell on

    why cant I buy anything on Ebay wiyhout you paypal blocking it

  3. Karen Pitchford on

    My acct has been charged with a recurring charge of 65.00 by someone in New Zealand….what the…..?