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The only thing I did wrong was to trust PayPal

Paypal permanently limited and froze my account/funds,for sure will be over $1,000, without any explanation! Prior to this, ebay and paypal they limited my account because they needed more info, I submitted & verified my bank account, proof of address, phone number, bills and etc. I did all of them. Yes, there was a return issue therefore it was showing negative balance on paypal,I believe that it is pretty normal. I did transfer a large amount of AU$1200 dollars from my bank account to paypal account as soon as I found the problem(same day when it shown negative),but it costs time to transfer fund!!! even though the money actually had been out of my bank account!!! As soon as the money arrives, paypal permanently limit my account and hold my money for 180 days without any specific clear reason, without any explanations!!~ Just say: we can not give you another chance to risk our company—what the risk is? What I did wrong?? —-can not say!!~~Do not know!!!Final decision!!! —YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO USE PAYPAL SERVICE FOREVER!!!


I want a clear reason for this,I need apologies!! otherwise I would consider legal action to against paypal,no matter how many money I have to spend!!~ I must ask them restore my account and make compensation for my losses.

Posted: January 22, 2013 at 5:52 pm

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3 thoughts on “The only thing I did wrong was to trust PayPal
  1. Hannah on

    That’s where we all went wrong; trusting paypal. But they are very misleading over at paypal and sure do promise a lot of things when you sign up with them but somehow that all gets lost once you check the little box next to the user agreement when signing up because that’s a whole different story.

  2. Roland Petrov on

    On January 11 PayPal put restrictions on my account so that I have no access to my money and cannot close the account. I tried everything I could to solve the situation, but now realize that PayPal is not interested in a solution, because, I have to assume, they’re making lots of money by keeping money that isn’t theirs. I’ve lost all trust in PayPal.

  3. uqs on

    Nobody should trust paypal.
    I have a awkward experience as well.

    I transfered 1000 dollar to my local bank account but not received since May 5th, 2015 (25 days as of today). Everytime I call paypal they say they sent but the bank says they never received anything. We double checked bank account number and it is correct. Paypal says they are tracing the transaction but every time i call they say no news! Couldn’t be worse than this.

    Is it even possible that some money to be lost?

    I will never use paypal anymore and I may make an official complaint about this and get a lawyer to get my money back.